Frozen Boxes Now Available!!

Turn Around Time & Order Info

*Ready To Ship Orders: 2-5 business days

*Customs & Preorders: 4-6 weeks (or less)

***Orders can't be canceled or shipped early so please take note of how long it will take to ship. 

*If you have a facebook account, please join our Facebook group (LoveLee Bath & Wax). This is the best place to see preorder product pics & updates as I work on orders. I also have a Facebook Page that you can follow, but I post more often in the group. 

*If you aren't sure of how long your order will take, please send me an email. I'll get back to you in 1-2 days.

*All time frames given are estimates & subject to a slight variation based on order volume. 

**For preorders, the TAT starts when the preorder closes. 

**Business days are Mon-Fri except for holidays or if I am on vacation.

Thank you 💖