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About LoveLee


  Hey guys!! I'm Lee Lee!! I opened LoveLee Bath & Wax in July 2017, but I was making my own body care products & candles as a hobby since 2015. The limitless options & creativity involved in it is what has always drawn me to & now I get to wake up each day with a career I'm so passionate about.

What led me to selling my products.... I had no idea what a bath bomb was, but one day my neighbor kids that I was babysitting, convinced me we needed to go to Lush. As I was walking around in there, my I'm-the-master-DIYer attitude (LOL) came to life, & I thought if I can make lotion & sugar scrubs, I can make these bath bomb things too. (I bet the kids we could make better bath bombs than Lush does. Lol) 2 hours before that I didn't even know what a bath bomb was, but I wanted to figure it out. Well long story short, we grabbed our ingredients from a couple stores, & I never looked back.

After my son, Alex, was born in 2016, I decided to give up my social work career to be at home with him. This is when my friend started to encourage me to sell my products, & she told me about the Mercari app. I figured I would give it a shot, & I was so surprised by the success I was having. After only 5 months, I had over 700 great ratings from my customers, however Mercari announced they were banning the sales of handmade cosmetics. By the FDA's rules, that includes things like bath bombs & lotions. Basically what came of that is other people could resell my products on that app if they purchased them from me for personal use, but I couldn't sell my own products on the app anymore. At this point, I had too much love for the craft to give it up just like that, so I viewed it as an opportunity to grow...After reading 102 different books (yea I'm def exaggerating lol) & learning the business side of it, LoveLee Bath & Wax was officially opened in July 2017!!

This is totally cliche, but they say if you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life. I don't think I can say that is true 100% of the time, but ever since I opened my business, 98% of my days don't feel like I'm working. 

Other than being an artisan crafter, I'm a mom to 2 wonderful little kids. Being a single mom & owning a business take up a lot of my time, but I also enjoy doing yoga, reading, camping, fashion, waterparks, music, & going home to see my family in upper Michigan.

Due to high demand, I expanded in June 2020 & now have 1 part time & 1 full time employee. This has allowed me to offer unlimited preorders with a shorter TAT. Preorders are open for 4-5 days, & you can order anytime during the time it's open without having to worry about products being sold out. After the preorder closes, we make the products & ship them out within approx 4-6 weeks. I also have a RTS (ready to ship) sale once every other month. This is typically done as a flash sale in my Facebook group, but the disadvantage to it is you have to be online in my Facebook at the exact time of the sale & the products sell out very very quickly.