Wax Info

This is questions I often get asked & some additional important information. If you can't find the answer to your question here, please don't hesitate to send me a message.



Q: Is the paraffin wax used in melts bad for your health?

A: I have done a ton of research on this subject, & paraffin wax melts are not dangerous or a health risk to healthy individuals.

First of all, wax melts are very different than candles. With wax melts, the wax is a carrier for the fragrance & it is only being melted, not burned up & released into the air. Also, wax melts don't have a wick, so there isn't any risk of getting lead poison. Although lead wicks aren't allowed be manufactured or sold in the U.S. anymore anyways.

I know there is a million & 2 different websites that swear paraffin was made by the devil to fill our homes with toxins, & I read these articles & blogs for hours, looking into the references provided with the information. When I first started researching into making scented wax, I believed using natural wax was the best option if I didn't want to fill my house with these cancerous toxins. The more I learned & deeper I searched for answers made me realize that all these hyped up articles about parrafin being toxic are actually either quite vague, lacking important details, such as the source of the paraffin wax & quality of it, or they are just downright incorrect, & they do not have references to scientific studies that prove their claims. Many of these articles will provide references to studies showing lead candle wicks aren't good for your health due to the risk of lead poisoning. That is very much true, & lead wicks aren't allowed be manufactured or sold in the U.S., so some of the statistics & facts that are given & referenced are outdated or incomplete.

Bottom line is, if I seen any bit of evidence that would make me concerned or believe that melting paraffin wax was toxic, I wouldn't be melting it in my house daily & exposing myself & my kids to something dangerous. 


Q: Do you ship outside of the United States?

A: Yes! We ship to Canada, the U.K., Austrailia, & Mexico. 


Q: Do you use premade bases for your bath & body products?

 A: I do not. I know premade bases are often used by vendors, but I formulated all of my bath & body recipes myself. 


Q: How can I cut your bigger shapes, loaves, pies, etc.?

A: The waxes that I blend together produce wax melts that are soft enough to cut with a knife or "wax cutter", without much effort. Even though it is soft enough to cut easily, it isn't too soft that it is messy when you touch or cut it. 


Q: Does your wax need to cure? If so, how long?

A: How long you cure wax is mostly a personal preference, but 99% of the time LoveLee wax is ready to melt when you get it, even preorder wax. Besides for a few exceptions, most of my scents only need up to a week to cure. The exceptions are scents with alot of vanilla (cake, cookie, cotton candy, marshmallow, etc) & coconut. Those scents usually need a 2-4 week cure, but I try to make these scents early, so they are cured by the time you get them. If a scent isn't strong enough for you right away, put it away for a few weeks then try it again.


Q: Is there things that can cause the wax to have a stronger or weaker hot throw?

A: There is so many things that effect the strength of the hot throw, besides for curing which I already covered.

First of all, fragrance oils vary in strength by the nature of how they were made. I can buy (for example) Honeydew Melon fragrance oil from 1 supplier, & it will give a super strong throw. I can buy Honeydew from another supplier, & the throw will be much more subtle. Mexican Fried Ice Cream, no matter where that oil is bought from, will never be as strong as Fruit Loops is. Not all scents are meant to be super strong. Some scents are meant to be softer or lighter, but still fill up the room. 

Second, everyones nose reacts to scents a little (or a lot) different. Some people's noses will be sensitive to certain scent & not so sensitive to others. If you melt a lot of one type of scents, sooner or later you may go "nose blind" to it. 

Some other things that can effect throw are air conditioners, drafts, location of warmer, what kind of warmer is being used, how long the wax has cured,  how the wax has been stored, how old the wax is, etc.

For LoveLee wax, I do not recommend using Scentsy warmers (except for the 3 dish Scentsy Accord warmer, which works great). Most of their warmers do not get hot enough to work with indie wax melts. I also don't recommend using traditional light bulb warmers, which also don't get hot enough. However, warmers that use halogen bulbs are fantastic warmers to use. 20-24 watt hot plate warmers & tea light warmers are also great to use with our wax. 


Q: How long are wax melts "good for"?

A: It depends on the wax & fragrance oils used, but another thing that will have a big effect on it is how the wax is stored. Heat, light, & air will cause the fragrance oils to evaporate from the wax, so you will want to store your wax in a dark place where it won't be exposed to constant heat (room temp is ok, like 75° or less I would say) Also make sure lids are on tight, clams are closed tight, & polypro bag are completely zipped or taped closed. Double bagging them is a smart thing to do if you want to store them for 6+ months.


A few more things to keep in mind.... If you want to re bag any wax (like to share some of the wax in a bakery bag with a friend), you have to have either polypropylene or cello bags to put the wax in. Ziplocs & bags meant for jewelry making purposes are not polypropylene. Those are polyethylene, & they will ruin the throw of your wax over time. If you buy bags from the jewelry or craft section of walmart, those are the wrong kind of bags. Some sellers on EBay will write polypropylene in the title to get search hits, but if you look in the details, it will say ldpe (low density polyethylene). You will be able to find cello bags on eBay, but zip close bags won't ever be made out of cello. The best place to buy polypropylene bags is from a wax vendor or if you want to buy a large quantity of them (100 or more of a size), you can order them online from Clear Bags. Make sure you choose the Crystal Clear bags option on their website, because those are the polypropylene ones.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to send me an email. 💖